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Optimized Convenience.

With its ergonomic spacious keyboard, latest six-axis gyroscope technology and built-in IR transmitter, NEO A2 Lite can fulfil a vast array of functions from the comfort and convenience of your sofa.

Precise Navigation.

NEO A2 Lite is the ideal remote for navigating through your media with ease, providing precise cursor control without the need for a hard surface to operate on.

Dedicated Multimedia Playback Controls.

Incorporating multimedia playback controls that have been optimized exclusively for our range of MINIX Media Hubs for Android, NEO A2 Lite delivers a seamless user experience when partnered with one of our media hubs.

Neo W2 4

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플라이 모드

정교한 커서 조작


Windows 10 OS


118.5mm x 50.0mm x 17.0mm

사용 배터리

2 x AAA 배터리 (별매)

Neo W2 6
Neo W2 7
Neo W2 5
Neo W2 8
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Is MINIX NEO W2 compatible with Android devices?

No, MINIX NEO W2 is not compatible with any Android devices.

We only guarantee full compatibility with devices running Windows 10 OS.

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