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NEO Storage


Revolutionary USB C Storage Hub.

MINIX NEO Storage, USB-C Multiport SSD Storage Hub is the world’s first to combine SSD storage with additional data and display output ports delivering high-speed transfers and ultra-convenience.

The Perfect, All in One Portable Storage Solution.

Designed exclusively for Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro, MINIX NEO Storage includes built-in SSD Storage, HDMI [4K @ 30Hz], 2 x USB 3.0 and USB-C [only Power Delivery] in a lightweight, aluminium hub that perfectly matches your Apple MacBook.

A New Experience in External Storage.

MINIX NEO Storage redefines external SSD storage combining speed and functionality in a sleek, state-of-the-art hub that maximises the potential of your Apple MacBook. Simply connect MINIX NEO Storage to a USB-C port on your Apple MacBook to enjoy incredibly fast SSD storage, the versatility of two USB 3.0 ports and beautiful, crystal-clear 4K resolution on an external display via HDMI output. While also keeping your MacBook charged via the USB-C pass-through charging port.

Super Fast, Super Easy.

MINIX NEO Storage provides easy access to your data and content, ideal for storing 4K video and photos that you can output to an external display within seconds via the integrated HDMI port.

Compact, Convenient and Reliable.

Enjoy the next level of solid-state technology and convenience that MINIX NEO Storage delivers with the peace of mind a 3-year limited warranty brings. MINIX NEO Storage’s future-forward USB-C connectivity, versatility and storage functionality make it the ultimate companion for your Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro.

Ssd Storage Minix Neo Storage 4 Space Gray

Built-in 120GB SSD [NEO S1] or 240GB SSD [NEO S2]

HDMI output (4K @ 30Hz)

USB 3.0 port x 2

USB-C (for Power Delivery)


Apple MacBook Air 13" (2018)

Apple MacBook Pro 13" (2016, 2017, 2018)

Apple MacBook Pro 15" (2016, 2017, 2018)


115.0mm x 43.5mm x 11.00mm

Available Colours


Space Gray

Ssd Storage Minix Neo Storage 5 Space Gray
Ssd Storage Minix Neo Storage 1 Silver
Ssd Storage Minix Neo Storage 2 Space Gray
Ssd Storage Minix Neo Storage 4 Silver
Ssd Storage Minix Neo Storage 6 Space Gray
Ssd Storage Minix Neo Storage 3 Silver

What would you like to know?

What is the maximum read and write speed of the SSD?

NEO S1’s 120GB SSD storage supports up to 350MB/s read and write speed*.
NEO S2’s 240GB SSD storage supports up to 400MB/s read and write speed*.
*Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending on MacBook model, OS and application. 1MB = 1,000,000 bytes.

Is it possible to change/replace the built-in SSD storage?

The built-in SSD storage is non-removable, the SSD cannot be replaced/changed. This is due to the need to tightly control the power and thermal management of the hub, to ensure all ports and the SSD constantly receive sufficient power to function correctly. There are too many variables/differences between SSD brands and models that may affect the performance otherwise.

Does MINIX NEO Storage support Apple SuperDrive?

No, MINIX NEO Storage does not support Apple SuperDrive.

The power input requirements of Apple SuperDrive exceed the USB power output limits of the adapter.

What is the maximum display output of MINIX NEO Storage?

MINIX NEO Storage supports display output up to 4K @ 30Hz via the HDMI port.

What is the operating temperature of MINIX NEO Storage?

The standard operating temperature of MINIX NEO Storage ranges between 40-50°C (104-122F).

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