Setting a new precedent in portable
PC & Media Hub technology. 

Who are we

Established in 2008, MINIX has since emerged as a global leader in the development of next generation computers, setting new precedents in portable PC and media hub technology. We pursue the latest technological innovations to offer revolutionary devices capable of fulfilling all your computing and media playback demands. MINIX products aim to redefine the way users interact and control their media content, putting the power of computing in their hands.

What we believe

Great emphasis is placed upon the functionality and usability of MINIX devices; we consider simplicity is the key to allow everyone to unlock the power of next generation computing. MINIX profoundly believes in the integrity of all our products, seeking continuous technological advancements in order to improve the user experience. From the inception of a new concept, to the production of our devices, through to the latest software updates released, the demands of the end users are our principal concern.

NEO Z83-4

Palm-Sized Computing

NEO Z83-4 Fanless Mini PC re-imagines the desktop PC, delivering an unrivalled combination of ultra-compact design and premium performance...

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Neo A2 Lite

Media-Friendly Six-Axis Gyroscope Remote

NEO A2 Lite is the perfect gyroscope remote to pair with your MINIX Media Hub for Androidâ„¢. This all-in-one gyroscope remote is capable of fulfilling a vast array of functions...

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Amazing Ultra HD Streaming Media Hub

NEO U1 is the ultimate home entertainment media hub, designed to bring a world of online entertainment to your living room...

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Our Ethos

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We endeavor to provide state-of-the-art computing technology, passionately focusing on the design and aesthetics of our devices, and never willing to compromise on either. MINIX products aim to redefine the way you interact with your media, creating a computing experience that's second to none.

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